Las Ramblas is by far the most famous area in Barcelona when it comes to drinking and dancing. The central location and the atmosphere that is always alive here make it a perfect place to begin the night. On Plaza Sant Agusti you can find the trendy Rita Blue which is a bar, restaurant, and club all mixed into one. Drinks prices are good here and the staff are really friendly so you don’t mind having to wait at the bar to be served. At the end of Las Ramblas, near the wax museum, you’ll find Bosque de los Fades which means “The forest of fairies”. This place is a small cafe/pub with a relaxed atmosphere. If you fancy drinking with the locals, head to the Opera Bar, Expect to see lots of people in black tie popping in for a drink after their night at the opera, but don’t worry, the dress code isn’t as strict as that. Everyone else will be in their usual attire. A great place for cocktails is Boadas Cocktail Bar which originally opened in the 1940s by Cuban Miguel Boadas. The place is small and has no seating available, but what it lack in space, it more than makes up for in charm. The cocktails you can get here are fantastic. You are able to order traditional cocktails but I’d say opt for some of the special ones which the owner invents himself. (My favourite is the Frankenstein!)